The End of Era Dult

Last night we closed the era with Sototh Dult as Tulsadoom's lead singer with a monumental sold-out show at Szene Vienna, supporting US-Metal legends Iced Earth. Sototh Dult battled with us side by side for almost three years, faced nearly 50 shows with Tulsadoom in whole Europe and was part of uncounted adventures and a very intense time, which we will never forget. He contributed the lead vocals and the majority of lyrics to our latest release, the Hellrazors split-LP/MC "Helltulsarazordoom" and further also appeared in our first video clip to the song "Fist from the Grave". It was Sototh Dult's own decision to take a step back from a life as active musician and to bring his time with Tulsadoom to an end. We wish Dult all the best for the future, on which ever path destiny has chosen for him!

With last night's show, we will take a longer break from playing live shows in order to strenghten the new lineup as well as to continue with the songwriting process for our third full-lenght. Be aware of the return of a new face of Tulsadoom in the end of autumn! There will be no mercy!