Sototh Dult to Leave Tulsadoom

Warriors of steel! We hereby announce that our current lead vocalist Sototh Dult is going to leave Tulsadoom in the foreseeable future.

Dult has been raiding with us for more than three years now and contributed to our recently released split “Helltulsarazordoom” as well as to our first ever shot video-clip to the song “Fist from the Grave”. We had a truly barbaric time playing countless shows in whole Europe, with many unforgettable memories.

To bring this era to an end was Dult’s own decision, there is no bad blood between him and the rest of the band. We wish him all the best on his next path destiny has chosen for him! All so far scheduled shows will be played as already announced and we are continuing to tour and to work on our third album without any time-out.