Spell of the Serpent

  • Tulsadoom Iced Earth Live Barbaric Metal Szene Wien
    The End of Era Dult

    Last night we closed the era with Sototh Dult as Tulsadoom's lead singer with a monumental sold-out show at Szene Vienna, supporting US-Metal legends Iced Earth. Sototh Dult battled with us side by side for almost three years, faced nearly 50 shows with Tulsadoom in whole Europe and was part of...

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    Tickets for Iced Earth & Tulsadoom Show

    Get your ticket for our show with US-Metal Legends ICED EARTH now! See you lunatics on the 14th of July at Szene, Vienna! Drop us a mail to tulsadoom@gmx.at in order to receive a ticket for 28€, along with free shipping and a free Tulsadoom patch!

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Tulsadoom - Fist From The Grave

Official video clip of the Tulsadoom song "Fist from the Grave", taken from the Tulsadoom-Hellrazors split "Helltulsarazordoom", out on October 17th, released on LP by Witches Brew Records and on MC by Cursed Records.