Spell of the Serpent

  • Tulsadoom Total Darkness Propaganda Tape Barbaric Metal Steel Storms Netherworld Limited
    Limited tape box ready for pre order

    Tulsadoom double tapes finally ready to destroy! Pre-order via PM to Total Därkness Propaganda! Official release date: 17th of November

    Barbarian Steel:

    1. The Glory of Thulsa Doom
    2. Attack of the God of the Four Winds
    3. Fuck the God of the Four Winds
    4. Doomrider Madness
    5. Barbarian Beer...

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  • Tulsadoom Tape Box Total Darkness Propaganda Storms of the Netherworld Barbarian Steel Barbaric Metal Conan the Barbarian
    Tulsadoom Tape Box

    By proudly announce that the Hungarian underground tape label Total Darkness Propaganda is going to release a limited tape box, which includes our first two albums "Barbarian Steel" and "Storms of the Netherworld" as well as six previously unreleased live-tracks, recorded back in the first Tulsadoom...

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Tulsadoom - Fist From The Grave

Official video clip of the Tulsadoom song "Fist from the Grave", taken from the Tulsadoom-Hellrazors split "Helltulsarazordoom", out on October 17th, released on LP by Witches Brew Records and on MC by Cursed Records.